Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Traitor's go free, Why Karl Must GO
A strong argument for the removal of Karl Rove as deputy chief of staff could be made simply by studying Mr. Rove's political record. Mr. Rove's history is littered with the political graves of opponents who underestimated just how ruthless he is and just how far Mr. Rove is willing to go to advance the political agenda of George W. Bush. The Swift boat attacks on John Kerry. The hardball tactics deployed against John McCain in the 2000 primary. The current attacks on John Murtha. All bear the fingerprints of the cunning Mr. Rove. But in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame Mr Rove has clearly gone too far. At the very least Mr Rove's security clearance should be revoked and he should no longer have access to classified material. Karl Rove at a minimum has demostrated a carelessness with national security matters or at worst made a choice to put good CIA agents and their contacts at risk. Stonewalling is not the answer. Its time for Rove to Go.
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