Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Joe Lieberman is up to something. Why would a professed democrat suddenly express his undying support for the war in Iraq in the middle of a stated campaign by the administration to rebuild support with the public. Even assuming Mr. Lieberman is a honest man who's sincere in his belief why would he take the risk of supporting a war that most democrats detest and polls show most of the country now firmly opposes. My theory is this. I believe very soon Donald Rumsfeld will emerge as the fall guy for the failures of the war. History tells us it is near impossible to win back support for a war once the American people decide they've had enough. Bush will pull out and Rumsfeld will fall on his sword and ride into the sunset swearing revenge. At that point Bush will throw the democrats a bone to keep the hounds off him. Bush will nominate Lieberman for secretary of defense.
Lieberman calculates that being named secretary of defense by a republican president will give him credibility on defense matters unmatched by any potential rivals for president in 08. Aside from that, Saddam's fall wasn't exactly bad news for the state of Isreal and Senator Lieberman is first and perhaps formost a Jew.


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