Saturday, April 15, 2006

THE BLUEPRINT : HOW DEMOCRATS CAN RETAKE AMERICA. First and foremost the Democrats need to change the 2006 campaign theme to " Our Commitment to Our Country . " The Democrats need to lay our the changes they are committed to making to the country in a simple four point platform and draw clear distinctions with the Republican party. We will end the culture of corruption. We will rebuild the gulf coast. We will end the war in Iraq. We will demand answers. The Republicans stand Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff. We stand for real comprehensive lobbying reform that includes earmark reform. The Republicans stand for Micheal Chercoff and fumbling FEMA. We stand for a united effort to rebuild the gulf coast including building levees that can withstand a category 5 storm. The Republicans stand for more of the same in Iraq. We stand for redeploying our troops and getting them out of the civil war in that country. The Republicans shun the really hard questions. We demand answers. We will fight to get to the bottom of how Valerie Plame's career was destroyed by the White House. We will demand answers about the way intelligence was used by the White House to go to war. We will challenge this President's commitment to making sure that no person is ever tortured by U.S. personnel. We will demand to know the fate of Usama Bin Laden. We will hold administration officials to account for statements they have made that ended up being misleading , misinformed and sometimes outright lies. The Democrats must abandon the notion that its somehow poor form to fight for what you believe, to call a lie a lie and to confront a regime that depends on the weakness of others to advance their agenda. The Republicans have had their moment. We have seen what they can do. Together we can do better. The Fate of the Republic depends on it.


Blogger Muddy Stumps said...

Good plan. You guys run with that. You'll still lose at the ballot box.

8:31 PM  
Blogger Joe "Broken Glass Democrat" said...

Maybe so but if we do it'll be because of gerrymandering, not issues

8:48 PM  

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