Monday, April 17, 2006

An Open Letter to General Colin Powell

Although you were they only person in the administration who challenged the neocons in the march to the war, the fact remains that your reputation has been damaged beyond repair by your presentation to the U.N. before the war. Because you failed in your effort to slow the march to war. Because you , being the good soldier you have always been, saluted the commander and fell in line . Troops have died. Good men have lost their lives in a war that didn't have to happen. Nothing can be done to undo that fact. But you alone are in a position to insure that it never happens again. Six of your former collegues have spoken out against your chief antagonist, Donald Rumsfeld. All of them bring their own stars and credibility to the table . But you alone know the truth. You alone were in a position to see who told the lies, who covered it up and who buried the bodies. Your military experience gives you the credibility to speak about the ill conceived war plan. Your experience as the nation's top diplomat gives you the chops to speak about the administration's " cowboy diplomacy." Most of all you were there. You were in the briefings. You saw the plans. You knew the score. Sometimes even good soldiers need to speak up. Its time for you to be heard. Don't go quietly into the night while good men die. Don't allow war crimes to be commited in the name of the country you love. Reclaim your greatness. Reclaim your reputation as a moderate , pragmatic voice of reason. Publicly and boldly denouce the presentation that the world has come to be see as totally bogus. Demand the truth be told about this war where so many have suffered. Never let it be said in this day or any other that General Colin Powell was silent in the face of tyranny. The troops need you, the world needs you but most of all this country urgently needs to hear your voice. Its time general, greatness awaits you.


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