Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fall from grace, Why Bush is doomed.

George Bush is in trouble. He is in a position that may seal his fate as the worst President in history. His decline will be so swift, so complete many will wonder just how such a man managed to become leader of the greatest country in the world. He will leave office a defeated and broken man. Here's why. Right now if you study the national polls Bush is polling somewhere between 33 and 38 percent. That indicates that right now he has clearly managed to alienate well over 60 percent of the country. Polls in the 30s mean that the President is down to his hard core base the true believers. These are people who support Bush because they believe he is a moral man a Christian man. These are people with unwavering belief and confidence in the President. Indeed they attack the very notion that their leader George W. could be wrong about anything at all. It is they who will be the most disappointed when it all goes down. Very soon a series of events are going to occur that are going to expose his administration as the most venal and corrupt ever to call the shots. It will start very slowly. First former white house aide Claude Allen will plead guilty to theft charges relating to stealing out of Target Stores. Then things will get a bit more interesting. Former Federal Procurement office head David Safavian will also plead guilty to charges involved in the Abramoff scandal. This will show proof that Jack Abramoff had access to the highest levels of the White House and will place the administration smack in the middle of the biggest corruption scandal in decades. Then the bombshell. Karl Rove will be indicted in the CIA leak investigation. Rove's indictment will set off shockwaves for several reasons. First Rove remains the preeminent Republican political strategist alive, having him under indictment will surely limit the amount of influence he will have in the upcoming election. Second , if Rove is indicted that means its possible that many people at the highest levels off the white house possibly even the President himself may be called to testify at trial. Also it will augment the perception that this administration is corrupt, criminal even. The stain of corruption would be a deathnell to a President who depends on his image as a supposedly moral man for his sole base of support . If Christian Conservatives come to see Bush for what he is, that is the head of a government where more people get arrested than get fired , he stands to lose them. Once he loses their support, Who's left ?


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