Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Highway Robbery, How Big Oil Scored America

Upon reading this rather devastating critique of the Bush Oil policy I came upon a conclusion : Iraq is the diversion, the real scam occurred right here at home. Bush, Cheney and the Republican Party have enabled a crime of historic proportions . Here's how it went down. In 2001 Dick Cheney held a series of meetings with executives from the Oil industry. These meetings were secret, in fact they were so secret that Cheney actually fought all the way to the supreme court a lawsuit filed by environmental groups seeking info and prevailed with the help of his hunting buddy Justice Scalia. In other words, no one knows what was said in those meetings . Not Congress , not the media and surely not the public. Nobody knows what kind of promises were made. Nobody knows what assurances these executives were given by Cheney who along with Bush have always been well known to be oil men. Now consider these facts. Exxon Mobile posted a PROFIT last year of 36 Billion. Also consider that since Bush has been in office they contributed some 35 million dollars to politicians , 82% of which went to the Republican party. In other words they invested 35 million got back 36 billion and that's just in ONE YEAR. Exxon Mobil's CEO recently retired and took home a retirement package of over 400 Million . Needless to say this is one area of Bush's Presidency that has been a resounding success at least if you happen be in the energy business. As for the rest of us, get used to it. Even with the President's recent so called interest in reducing prices, chances are the situation will get a lot worse before it gets better. There is a reason for this. If Bush and Cheney have nothing to hide and cannot be linked to the current gas shortage, they should not have any reason to withhold information about interactions they had with top executives in coming up with their energy policy. Surely they would not go so far as to fight it in the Supreme Court. There is a document out there that will spill the beans at some point and tell us precisely what occurred . Bush better hope he's long gone before the people see how he enabled us to be literally robbed blind. Especially considering that most of the people (33 % approval rate ) don't like him anyway.


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