Thursday, June 30, 2005

Support the troops? The Bush adminstration was forced to admit this week that they had in fact shortchanged the veterans adminstration close to a billion dollars that was suppose to go to veterans health care then compounded the mistake by trying to hide it. They're excuse? Ooops we forgot. They knew about the shortfall back in april but didn't disclose this to congress until last week. Because of their incompetence thousands of soldiers may not get access to health care they have literally fought for unless congress steps in to stop the bleeding.

Weapons of mass destruction? What weapons of mass destruction?

I am Joseph Nickson. I am a 25 year old african american college drop out who's mad as hell. I am angry at the most incompetent, arrogant, secretive, self destructive administration in American History. I am angry about the way the President and his cronies have mismanaged the economy causing deficits as far as the eye can see. I am angry about the damage they have done to American Schools with the underfunded and badly managed "No Child Left Behind " programs. I am angry about the way they have ignored the health care of millions of uninsured Americans. But most of all I am angry about the way this administration has endangered the national security of this country by cynically abusing the goodwill the American People universally gave them after the tragic September 11th attacks and using it to justify a meaningless adventure against a toothless Saddam Hussein. This blog is dedicated to educating the public about the failures of this president. The principle argument of this blog is that every aspect of the President's job has been a mild to dismal failure. From health care to veteran's affairs to social security to education to war and peace this President has major problems across the board. The problem is that too often these blunders are seen as separate unrelated issues when in fact the President's troubles can be boiled down to key common traits: Inability to change course in the face of obvious disaster, commitment to ideology as opposed to pratical solutions, unwillingness to consider opinions from outside tight inner circle and a willingness to bend the rules to achieve their ends. This blog will provide credible facts to back up any opinions and will be fair to those who don't share these opinions provided that they are backed up with factual evidence as well.