Saturday, May 27, 2006

Covering your tracks : The Speaker at War with Justice.

You gotta admire the guts of Dennis Hastert. After years of laying down and allowing the executive branch to run roughshod over the constitutional rights of everyday people , he finally has a hissyfit when it comes to protecting members of congress. The fact that the member in question William Jefferson is a democrat makes it almost a principled stand. However a cynic like me might draw the conclusion that the Speaker's real intention is to protect his own party. In the months ahead there will be many investigations that just might hit a little closer to home for the Speaker. The Abramoff scandal threatens to embroiled dozens of lawmakers. The investigation into who leaked the N.S.A story has just begun. And the Duke Cunningham scandal is scraching the surface. If the FBI gets the notion that they can barge into member's office and uncover wrongdoing that makes 90,000 dollars in the freezer look like lunch money, the Republicans will surely be shaking in their loafers. Mr Jefferson at the very least should step down from the Ways and Means commitee until his name is cleared. Speaker Hastert it should be noted was accused over the weekend of being a player in the Abramoff scandal. Is that the real reason why he suddenly feels compelled to defend his turf ? Stay tuned.........


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