Friday, May 05, 2006

The New Manhattan Project : Winning the Energy War.

Critics of the left always like to point to the tendency of democrats to simply criticize policies , without offering an alternative. With that in mind i'd like to offer a solution to the gas crisis. Whats needed is leadership and bold thinking. First , everyone needs to realize that on some level the oil companies are right , the price of gas is dictated by supply and demand . There is very little that can be done to increase the supply of oil , this is a problem that has to be addressed from the demand side. In other words we have to reduce consumption in a way that works in concert with market forces as opposed to dictating market forces. We need to start by seriously funding the creation , the marketing and the distribution of affordable alternative energy. I propose to create the funding by rolling back the tax cuts of the top 1% of income earners in America. This will generated billions of dollars to start. The income generated should be used to first require that all vehicles in the federal government with special exceptions by hybrid cars or some sort of alternative energy source by 2008 . The money should also be use to fund the transition of state governments. Requiring all goverment cars and trucks to be hybrids would save millions of gallons a year. It would also set a strong example to consumers that hybrids are safe and reliable cars while having an effect on prices at the pump. In addition I propose that a tax credit be given to every consumer who purchases hybrid car equal to the difference in price from a similar gas powered make and model. In other words if a hybrid car is 2000 dollars more than the same standard car, a 2000 tax credit should be given. This will equal a win win for the market and the consumer. The consumer gets much better gas mileage without punishing the market for selling hybrids. At the same time funding should go towards developing hydrogen cars and other alternatives. The administration to its credit has commited to spending millions of dollars on other energy sources but they could be doing much more. With a massive effort employing all the resources of the Greatest country in the world we could be totally energy independent in 10 years. This means less global warming , less dependence on unstable regions of the world for energy supplies , and more money going into the economy from consumers who save billions by not spending so much on just getting around. Its time for a change. But will we be shocked into action by sudden 5 dollars a gallon gas or will we take control of the future and transform this country on our own terms. Sadly with Mr. Oil Man himself still with us for 1000 more days, it may be too late by the time real leadership is in place.


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