Thursday, May 11, 2006

All hail King George : The Death Of Democracy

And so it begins. With the recent revelations about the extent of the spying being conducted by the N.S.A . on ordinary citizens, this country has been place on a collusion course with destiny. The future of this country will be driven in large part by the answer to this question : Will we allow George Bush to govern like a dictator , or will we rise to the occasion and fight the battle that needs to be fought today. George Bush has finally, mercifully gone too far. If there were ever a poster child for a leader in need of serious oversight it is George W. Bush. Virtually ever single pronoucement that this man has uttered in his last four years has turned out to be not true. A brief rundown for those of us with short memories. He said he'd get Osama Bin Laden " Dead or alive " . He said there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. He said the Battle of Iraq was " Mission Accomplished." He said no one in his administration was involved in leaking Valarie Plame's name. Every single of of these declarations turned out to be utterly false. But somehow we're supposed to believe that they have nothing but good intentions when they collect every single phone call made by every single person in the United States. This after declaring that warrantless spying was only done to " person communicating to members of Al-Queda. Who do these people think they are ? Who do these people think we are ? They actually believe that this issue will benefit them because they can protrey critics as " weak on terrorism". This from the same folks who couldn't even protect us from a hurricane they knew was comin a week in advance. What remains to be seen is , are they right ? Are Americans so afraid of terrorists that they will look the other way when Big Brother listens in. Does anyone even care that we don't live in a democracy any more. Are there any patriots left who'll defend the constitution that has made us the greatest country in the known world. Will we swallow lie after lie because we're so busy shopping ? The answer to these questions will determine the future course of this nation. It was Ben Franklin who said " Those of would sacrifice liberty for a little safety deserve neither freedom nor safety." Im sure right now, he turns in his grave.


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