Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Leaving Iraq , Why we can't wait
Submitted by Joseph N. in Florida
Congressman John Murtha , a decorated war veteran who fought bravely in another war of choice said it best. " Iraq is a " Flawed policy wrapped in a lllusion." The time has come for the sake of working families all over America to leave Iraq. Some have argued that leaving Iraq would be a disaster for the USA. I say contining the war perpetuates continuing disaster. Some say we were mislead into this war. I say this is of little matter at this point. The important thing is that we face the reality that pressing issues at home make our presence in Iraq unsustainable. We are spending 1.5 billion dollars a week in Iraq. This sum would cover the cost of rebuilding New Orleans, could be used to ensure the solvency of social security for decades could insure that the social programs that benefit millions of Americans will continue to benefit our children and grandchildren. Every life lost and every dollar spent drains resources from working families everywhere. Its time for this to end

Traitor's go free, Why Karl Must GO
A strong argument for the removal of Karl Rove as deputy chief of staff could be made simply by studying Mr. Rove's political record. Mr. Rove's history is littered with the political graves of opponents who underestimated just how ruthless he is and just how far Mr. Rove is willing to go to advance the political agenda of George W. Bush. The Swift boat attacks on John Kerry. The hardball tactics deployed against John McCain in the 2000 primary. The current attacks on John Murtha. All bear the fingerprints of the cunning Mr. Rove. But in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame Mr Rove has clearly gone too far. At the very least Mr Rove's security clearance should be revoked and he should no longer have access to classified material. Karl Rove at a minimum has demostrated a carelessness with national security matters or at worst made a choice to put good CIA agents and their contacts at risk. Stonewalling is not the answer. Its time for Rove to Go.
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

I think what we're seeing is a coordinated effort by the democrats. Murtha's comments and unimpeachable reputation make him the ideal democrat to give political cover to other democrats who may not have the standing to criticize the war without being labled " Unamerican " Besides that Murtha is absolutely right. This war is a farce and the people are way ahead of the politicos on this one. BRING THEM HOME NOW!!!!!