Thursday, February 02, 2006

The smoking gun?
It doesn't happen often. But every now and then the brokenglass democrat comes across something that makes me go WOW! The five years of Bush's presidency have made most political watchers feel like they have seen it all, but if this is true Bush has once again exceeded our wildest imagination. The President of the United States actually endorsing a plot to trick the world into supporting a war. A war that now has now been proven to have been based on false pretenses. If this is true then it means that the same people who now claim to have resorted to war as a last result were actively trying to seek ways to put U.S. troops in danger for their own agenda. This report destroys even the last thread of credibility the president and his administration clings to for dear life. This shows that nothing is out of bounds with these people. A President who lies his way into war is capable of anything. He's capable of trying to ruin the economy with tax cuts so he'll have an excuse to kill entitlement programs like social security and medicaid. He's capable of allowing a great american city to drown because its the last bashion of democratic support in rural Louisiana. He's capable of using the NSA spying technology to spy on innocent Americans in clear violation of the law. Congress should move swiftly to investigate this story.